Home Remedies for Sinusitis

Sinus means a condition in which the cavities around the nasal passages become inflamed. Due to many things sinus infection happens like cold, asthma, allergies, etc. In this article we have mentioned how to cure sinus permanently at home very easily.

  • Oils – You need to mix eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and lemon essential oil. Now you need to massage it with your finger tips on your forehead, face, back of the neck and temple. To inhale the vapors breathe deeply. You should do it every few hours for better results. They reduce the headache and also relaxes the mind.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – First mix the apple cider vinegar and lukewarm water. You can drink the mixture or gargle it for better results. You can drink it twice a day. The minerals in the ACV decrease the allergy.


  • Herbal Tea – Many tea like cayenne pepper tea, ginger tea and green tea are said to be good to consume if you are dealing with sinus. It is the best answer to the question how to cure sinus permanently at home. You can make it easily. You can drink it twice or thrice a day.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Spray the hydrogen peroxide into the nose and you will feel better. DO it three four times a day. It will help improve your sinus a lot.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract – Mix few drops of grapefruit seed extract into the hot water. Now you have to inhale it directly. You need to do it twice a day. The anti fungal properties helps in treating sinus.
  • Honey – You can mix the raw honey and fresh lemon juice together and heat it, now you can consume the mixture. Take it 2 times a day. It prevents the nasal passage from bacteria and fungi causing sinus problems.


  • Detox Bath – In warm water you need to mix Epsom salt, baking soda and tea tree oil. You can soak in the warm water bath for 15 to 20 minutes. The ingredients in the water relax the mind, muscles and helps you in taking proper breath from nose. In a day take this bath once, you will see the effects automatically.

Many people do not know how to cure sinus permanently at home. We hope from this article you must have got an idea how to treat the sinus problem sitting at home only. Be happy and every problem will be cured automatically.